TP-Link AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router Speed up to 1200 Mbps

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A Dual Meets the the WiFi at Your Smooth Eye, Band the Network AC1200 Needs a
, Archer, C64,  provides a connection to your device smoothly both the frequency band   2.4GHz  and  5GHz   for the frequency range of  2.4GHz  to make use of the Internet, you do not. that it will be an e-mail web browsing or general use smoothly The 5GHz band   offers total wireless  speeds  of up to  867Mpbs  that deliver fast and stable specialized applications such as video streaming or online gaming.


Take Your Network Security to the Next Level,
the latest security standard,  WPA3 , keeps you cyber safe. Protect your home internet Provides superior security Enhanced access to personal code and protection


Extensive WiFi Coverage Throughout Your Home
With   external antennas, the  Archer C64  boosts your WiFi signal even further with   Beamforming technology,  delivering a stronger signal and coverage to any device.


Simultaneously Streaming to Multiple Devices with MU-MIMO
AC1200  comes with  MU-MIMO,  giving you uninterrupted and stable connection. Enjoy powerful high speed signal. No more usage congestion. Smooth on all devices, no  lag.


10 × Faster – Wired or Wireless
with port  Gigabit Ethernet (1 WAN + 4 LAN )  signals faster than the standard  10  times, just plug into whether the computer,  Smart TVs are , and throat Seoul Games. will get a fast and stable internet 

Archer C64  is your best choice for high performance internet applications. Gigabit speeds   at an affordable price. to drive your device to its maximum speed.


Access Point Working Mode
Support  Access Point mode,  change your existing wired network to be able to connect by  Wi-Fi  .


At the Setup the Easy
at Your Fingertips

the network within a few minutes on the website or application of  Tether  ‘s applications as well as applications  Tether  allows you to customize the network settings on your   Android  or  iOS.


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