About Us

We started preparing for the “Etasawaq” website since 2019, when we actually began to study the market, its needs, and the obstacles associated with this project and the extent of customer acceptance of it, and the company’s plan was drawn up to enter the Jordanian market in the field of e-commerce.Where the company was actually established in early 2021 after the study was crowned with success and started translating it on the ground.As my shop is an ecommerce shopping platform owned by (McKinsey Marketing Company) , as this company is considered a pioneer in this field at the Jordan ( local ) and regional levels , built with previous experiences in the field of trade and marketing inside and outside Jordan .
Where the shopping site came to meet the needs of the customer and the Jordanian family in general to provide them with all their needs and goods on one store that includes thousands of products and dozens of reliable brands with high credibility in the market and to provide an important distinction such as the actual guarantee on the credibility of the product and its effectiveness , which builds high credibility and a unique experience Of its kind, we miss it in the local market in terms of online shopping .
Etasawaq has a strong network of suppliers, where there are currently more than 70 real brands with high credibility and wide spread within the Kingdom.And spread well on the marketing level in the virtual world and social Media, as work is done by a dedicated team to improve the appearance of the site on aprofessional and accurate search engine, as the company provides distribution network all governorates of the Kingdom of Jordan and during the period of delivery is the fastest in the region as Orders are delivered within 24 hours only, and a maximum of 48 hours.
The company is also keen to communicate with its customers through the social network or through direct messages on the company’s phones so that our specialized team responds to them and works to meet their needs and solve their problems, if any.